Child Soldiers Thesis

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Are child soldiers the ones to blame for all those massacres? Do they deserve being charged for being forced to murder? Or do we grant them protection? Over the past 10 years more than one million child soldiers have been massacred in hostility, over 6 million were wounded, and 10 million of them were left with severe brain trauma. All of this because these children are forced into becoming something they have never wanted to be apart of. There are many children as young as 7 that are recruited as child soldiers. A child soldier is anyone who is under the age of 18 who is a member of government armed forces or any other type of armed groups. This is happening in many third-world countries. These countries include many African nations, Somalia, …show more content…

Doesn’t seem like anyone would ever do such a thing. Yet, there are many people who’d do such inhumane things, just to form a group of child soldiers. Children are held up to gunpoint and forced to have drugs. Them being forced to take drugs each and every day is another reason why these innocent little children should receive our amnesty. According to many different authors from Human Rights Watch “They had them lined up under gunpoint and one by one called them forward to be injected in their arms with a needle. The boys begged them not to use needles but the rebels said it would give them power.” This proves that a rebel group will do anything absolutely necessary just to inject these tiny bodies with drugs. These children clearly should receive some sort of protections, with too much drugs these children believe that anything is considered the “right thing”. When a child thinks anything is the “right thing” it could turn into a disaster. Drugs are an enemy for these children. According to Hollie McKay who is a staff writer and reporter for Fox News since 2007. She mainly reports on the Middle East and terrorists groups. She quotes "ISIS is using special tablets, the fighters take the drug and they don't know where they are or what they are doing. They are just shooting and fighting...They lose their minds. Some can be shot 20 times before they go down." This is a very important quote for this topic, it proves that these horrific drugs can really change the personality of a tiny child. These drugs give children almost no pain what so ever, hearing that they can be shot at 20 times before they fall is a surprising number. The opposing side would say that these children are even more violent with these drugs that are forced into their bodies. This may be true, but the children can’t help, but stand there if they don’t want to get shot at from the rebel

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