The Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking Human Trafficking happens all over the world yet remains hidden from the public view. Human trafficking is the recruitment or harboring of persons, by means of threat, force, and coercion involving moving human beings for profit. The various issues related to complicated circumstances of human trafficking is questionable on whether this is really a sex crime or a future in business. The different types of human trafficking include forced labor, debt-bondage, child soldiers, sex trafficking, domestic servitude, and mail-order brides. Human trafficking occurs in various countries such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, East and Western Europe, and North America. Human trafficking has made more negative effects than positive because it is becoming a modern day form of slavery. Debt bondage is a form of modern day slavery because a person’s labor demands a mean of repayment for a loan. The person is then…show more content…
The traffickers then make promises to these women about helping them find jobs so the cost of their journey and fees for finding a job is paid. When the woman reaches her destination, that’s when she’s held captive to pay off her debts. Every year an estimation of child soldiers is about 300,000. Child soldiers are another form of human trafficking or in other words modern day slavery. A child soldier is any child under the age of eighteen who is a part of any armed grouped. Children, who are poor, have limited access to education or separated are most likely to be abducted. Both girls and boys as young as age seven are forced into child soldiers. Young girls and women are raped by the soldiers and if they refuse they are killed instantly. Once recruited, child soldiers serve as spies, cooks, messengers, and guards. Children are easily targeted because they can easily be manipulated especially when drugs are being

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