Child Development Nature Vs Nurture

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Child psychology is a scientific approach in study centred on children and young people’s (CYP) development and behaviour from birth to adolescents, Focusing on why, when and how CYP develop the way they do. Studies are often divided into sections under physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, concentrating on familiar changes in development and behaviour and how it is shaped by internal and external influences. Studies within this discipline focus on childhood because this time is when most changes happen. The Nature (genetic) vs Nurture (environment) is continuous debate between CP .However it does play important role in child development, but how much is because of nature or due to nurture is unclear. Psychologist Francis Galton, coined the terms nature versus nurture. Galton believed intelligence was innate,he even went as far as suggesting that society should encourage intellectual individuals to procreate and less intellectual members of society should not.Most studies on nature vs nurture debate have been conducted on twins and also the feral children,seeking ...
Both experimental and non-experimental research can make use of observations and interviews as a way of measuring responses.
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Observation Lab controlled quick to conduct which means that
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Piaget theories suggest that children develop in 4 stages which correspond with their age (sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages).Piagets work has been significant in developing educational policy and teaching practice. One such review was to primary education in 1966 by the UK government. The result of this led to the publication of the Plowden Report

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