Child Development

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Child Development

Date: 25th September

Time: 1-3pm

Place: pub/restaurant (Jack's party)

People Present: me, Jack and also his family and friends

Aims and Planning:

For visit 2 I am going to attend Jack's fourth birthday party. I am

invited anyway so there won't be a problem organising for me to go.

Jack is 4 on the 22nd of September but his birthday is on the

Saturday. Jack will be playing in the ball pit for a while, having

dinner and then blowing out his candles. I will ask Jack's Mum if I

can carry out a few activities with him and his friends. This visit

plan will help me observe all areas of Jack's development.

I will arrive to the party around 1.15pm (late) so Jack is very

involved in his playing in the ball pit. I will watch Jack to see if

he is playing with his friends (joining-in play) or if he is playing

alone (solitary play). After Jack has had his dinner with his friends

I will carry out the first activity with them, let him blow out his

candles, and then do another one. The first activity is called 'wiggle

a skipping rope' (this activity was taken from 'Practical Parenting,

February 2001'). Me and Jack's Mum will hold and end each of a

skipping rope and wiggle it along the ground and get each child to

jump over it without touching it. If a child is out because he/she

touched the rope they will get 1 sweet. The child that wins the game

will be the child that has gone the whole game without touching the

rope and will get 5 sweets. This game will help me see if Jack

understands simple rules and how he takes it when he loses or wins.

After this game when Jack and his friends have had a bit of free play

I will do the second game. I will place 5 large mats in separate

spaces around the room(in the empty function room), each one being a

different colour.
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