Chicken Soup For The Soul Book Summary

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The Success Principles is the brainchild of Jack Canfield who is the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and personal development expert with over 40 years of experience. He is known as America’s number one success coach and has been on numerous TV and radio programs to share his knowledge. Over the years, The Success Principles has helped thousands of people to achieve success in their lives by getting from where they are to where they want to be. The new book has been revised and has a hundred pages of additional material that includes a success in the digital age guide. The Success Principles teaches confidence in tackling daily challenges through the principles that are …show more content…

Each day has its own success principle along with an actionable activity that will aid to incorporate the principle into your life by adopting a new attitude that will make it easier to succeed. Some of the lessons in the program are how to lay a strong foundation for success, how to access powerful people who will help you to shape your destiny, and so much more. The series is like an instruction manual to success in life. The principles in the book are applicable in everyday life situations and they are simplified into steps on how to apply them in life thus help expedite the journey to success. Through research and experience, Jack Canfield has been able to compile the clues that those who have succeeded before us have left and has laid them down in a step by step format. The audio course comes with a 96 page digital action guide with the day to day exercises that help to imbibe these new principles and attitudes into your life. No matter the issue at hand, there is a proven principle that serves as a solution. It is an all-round self-help program that touches on career, money, health, time management and personal fulfillment. The first principle solves the issue for those who do not know where to start on their path to a more satisfying life. This principle is all round and is applicable in career where one does not know where to

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