Chesapeake Early Settlement Patterns

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Early settlement patterns of the Chesapeake colonies and those in the New England were totally opposite. Chesapeake had a very moist and hot climate, which new settler’s had a hard time getting acclimated to. New England had a continental climate, with cold winters and warm summer which new settlers did not have a problem get acclimated to. In Chesapeake new settlers faced life and death challenges. In the summers there were droughts and at times the water would get polluted, causing sickness which resulted in many to die. Early on many people in Chesapeake also died from diseases like Malaria and typhoid fever due their harsh living environment. On the other hand settler in New England didn’t face any issues with polluted or die from diseases.

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the early settlement patterns of the chesapeake colonies and those in new england.
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