Characters' Motivations in "Because of Winn-Dixie"

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503 words

Because of Winn-Dixie is a delightful book about a lonely young girl who finds friendship in a dog. The main character, India Opal Buloni, finds a homeless dog and she and the dog go on to have a marvelous summer. Friendship between a young girl and her dog would seem to be the central theme in the book. However, when looked at through a psychoanalytic lens the book then has deeper underlining issues. When looked at psychoanalytically the novel takes on a whole new theme. The theme changes from friendship to abandonment and loss.

The book deals with the issue of India being abandoned by her mother. India narrates early in the book, how her mother left her when she was a small child. In the novel India says to Winn-Dixie "See you don't have any family and neither do I...I don't have a mama.... So we're almost like orphans" (21). Although living with her father during the novel, India clearly feels that she has no one that care for her. When India mother abandoned her she feels alone and disconnected from her father. Her and her father have a distant relationship at the start ...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how because of winn-dixie is about a lonely young girl, india opal buloni, who finds friendship in her homeless dog.
  • Analyzes how india narrates how her mother left her when she was a small child. she feels alone and disconnected from her father.
  • Analyzes how india's mother abandonment causes her to take on duties that seem beyond her years. she is a very independent young lady.
  • Analyzes how india hopes and prays for her mother to re-enter her life. she finds a great friendship in her dog winn -dixie, but the loneliness of having no friends makes her vulnerable.
  • Analyzes how gloria dump, a character in the book, helps india come to terms with her mother's abandonment and try to appreciate what she has.
  • Analyzes how india's character at the end of the book comes to terms with her mother absence and learns that life is about love and loss.
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