Characteristics Of The Renaissance

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The Renaissance consisted of and created many thinkers and inventors that altered society’s perspectives and their way of life. It shed light to fields of study that were ignored in the Middle Ages and presented new values that would assist in numerous advancements. The Middle Ages were a dark time; society lacked creativity and was too fearful to think outside the box. However, society managed to shift their views and values by demanding change and the desire to know more about the world they lived in. The Renaissance was ultimately a breeding ground for new types of creators and thinkers. It emphasized abstract personalities, uniqueness, genius, and the need to reach one’s full capacity to fully utilize their capabilities and talents. The people of the Renaissance touched base upon new revelations in all aspects of their daily lives. This ranged from how they think to how their bodies function to where the earth is located in the universe.
It is difficult to determine who truly captured the spirit of the Renaissance due to the wide range of characteristics that defined the time period. These characteristics ranged from science, art, religion, and philosophy. The Renaissance was the collaboration of many historical figures who contributed to scientific, artistic,
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Leonardo’s curious mind and desire to learn about the world around him influenced him to study the laws of science and nature, which greatly aided in his work as a “painter, sculptor, architect, inventor and military