Characteristics Of Online Shopping

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Online shopping is almost to synonymous to customary shopping through brick and mortar stores. As indicated by UCLA Center for Communication Policy, online shopping has been rising as a standout among the most famous web exercises, marginally behind e-mailing and internet surfing and in addition surpasses online entertainment search and online news. shopping' class='brand-secondary'>Online shopping conduct (additionally called web purchasing conduct and Internet shopping/purchasing conduct) implies to the procedure of buying merchandise/goods or services by means of the Internet. In a standard online shopping procedure, potential customer’s see/feel/sense a necessity for some good or service and they approach to online shopping to search about the product/service and make a purchase decision to gratify the need. In some cases, instead of looking for
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It can be portrayed as a get-together of specific customer attributes that may affect their web shopping perspectives and behavior, for instance, their Internet learning, need specificity, and social environment.
Vendor/Service/Product Characteristics
Researchers have examined different aspects of services provided by the venders in the online shopping process. Service factors related to online shopping attitudes and behavior include (1) Customer communication channels/ease of vendor contact (2) Transaction cost (3) Peripheral costs (4) Ease of return and refunds (5) Timeliness of orders or services/waiting time (6) Availability of personalized services (7) Reliability of the purchasing process/process uncertainty (8) Fraud (9) Delivery speed, tracking and tracing (10) Response to customer needs (11) accessibility of sales people and (12) promotion (Ho and Wu 1999; Liang and Huang 1998; Lohse and Spiller 1998; Liang and Lai, 2000; Bhatnagar et al. 2000; Kim et al. 2001; Cho et al. 2001; Li et al. 2001; Muthitacharoen 1999).
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