Characteristics Of Ancient Egypt An Organized Civilization

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Ancient Egypt proved to be an organized civilization because it showed to have most, if not all, of the 7 indicators of civilization. One indicator Ancient Egypt showed to have was a government. The Ancient Egyptian government was led by the supreme ruler, the pharaoh. The pharaoh couldn’t run the Egyptian government all by himself so he had people to help him called the hierarchy. The hierarchy included the vizier, the nomark, the army commander, the chief treasurer, and the army commander. Under the pharaoh was the vizier. The vizier was kind of like a prime minister, all of the other hierarchy members, and patrols around Egypt reported to him with the latest updates. Under the vizier was the nomarks. The nomarks were like the local governors, their job was to govern over their specific city. Under the nomarks was the tax collector. The tax collector's job was to collect the monthly taxes to contribute to things such as roads and new public buildings. Scribes were very important to the ancient Egyptian government. Some of the…show more content…
The Ancient Egyptians had many different specialized jobs, including jewelers, artists, and architects. Some things jewelers made, represented or meant something. One popular type of jewelry was the scarab beetle amulet. The scarab beetle represented a symbol of a new life or resurrection. The architect’s job was good to have because some highly skilled architects got the chance to design things, such as temples and pyramids. Most Egyptians worked on building the pyramids when they were being built. Another big fraction of the Egyptians were farmers. Farmers were important to the Egyptians for food and for the traders to trade. Artists were also important to the Egyptian culture. Paintings were used in pyramids and temples as decoration. In temples, however, paintings might be used to worship the gods and

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