Challenges Faced With Professional Counselors

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INTRODUCTION As professional counselors, there are a variety of challenges that are faced daily and throughout their career. The purpose of this article is to give some insight into these challenges and how professionals in the field transition through them. Some of the concerns we will look at include personal challenges, such as burnout, but also some of the challenges professionals face like agency policies, mandated regulations by the state and federal government, and the challenge of having the funding necessary to provide quality services to their clientele. ISSUES There are multiple types of issues one may encounter as a professional counselor doing the best you can provide services to people in your community. The first one I would like to point out would be ethical issues. This covers a wide variety of items from confidentiality all the way to having dual or inappropriate relationships with your clients. Strein and Hershenson (1991) report, ensuring confidentiality is a necessary precondition for client self-disclosure and successful counseling (p. 312). If the counselor violates their client’s confidentiality rights, they can face a grievance from the client to their state governing board. This includes when you are talking with coworkers, family members, or anyone else, who the client has not signed a release of information form allowing you to discuss their treatment with. Another issue that can arise are dual relationships, when the counselor knows the client in another setting other than in the professional therapeutic relationship. Scott (2000) reports often in treatment facilities for substance abuse, often the counselors working there attend 12 step programs themselves. If the client attends the same g... ... middle of paper ... ...nseling field and the counselors working within it. We began by looking at issues professionals in the mental health field face from confidentiality to the required forms needed, and the therapeutic processes that will be used. Next, we looked at the types of services one might encounter when seeking mental health services. We then reviewed some of the regulations and policies mental health providers must comply to operate within their legal requirements. Next, we touched on some of the models and methods that mental health counselors could apply in sessions, and looked at a variety of services that are available to clients who might need counseling. The next item that was covered was the important issue of advocating for the client and public relations. Lastly, we reviewed some of the policies and regulations that help mental health agencies operate.
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