Centered Around Playing Baseball, David Perkins' Book, Making Learning Whole

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The book Making Learning Whole by David Perkins is developed teaching examples centered on a metaphor of playing a baseball game. Perkins feels that education is damaged when teachers break down knowledge into individual facts. When teachers teach only bits and pieces of knowledge at a time, students only get bits and pieces and not the overall picture. This hampers the students overall learning potential. I feel that his analysis about learning about realistic activities and getting students to engage in each aspect of learning will allow the student to acquire more meaningful connections in learning. I do feel that when a student sees the relevance in what is being taught, they will be able to make meaningful connections and also progress both critical knowledge and also have more success at attacking the challenging parts. Perkins Theory of learning by playing the whole game is a fun way to conceptualize teaching while shaping the minds of our students. While using baseline experiences, teachers can challenge current thinking to entice their students. Giving students the end concept as a main focus, while putting all the pieces together, helps students engage in critical thinking aspects of learning. Showing how this impact their life, or how they can apply the information to their life will give the students a more accurate understanding of content.
Perkins talked about visions of meaningful education cover three basic outlines: enlightenment, empowerment, and responsibility. I feel that this statement is a powerful statement that covers the basic thought process in lesson planning. How can I enlighten my students? How can this lesson empower them to make connections? I must acknowledge my responsibility and role of making su...

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...ores, teachers fall in to teaching fact mode so that their students might meet the average. Perkins sees trends in education: what he calls “elementitis” which he describes as learning mechanisms of a subject without ever putting the pieces together. All through this book the goals are to teach for understanding. Knowledge can be useful to solve other problems rather just useless facts. Advancing a student’s knowledge range of understanding goes beyond the facts given; it is developing insight into many important concepts so that they can make connections to form the bigger picture or the whole game. Students will achieve higher goals when they see why the facts are important, how this relates to their life and are able to connect those facts to form greater knowledge.

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