Cave Art History

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Have you ever thought about where art and literature came from? Well, the invention of cave art started both art and literature. If you walk into one of the caves, you can read it like a book; it starts out from the beginning, and then continues to the end. Cave art is important to us because it created writing, it gave us art, and it gave us the Lascaux Cave.
We know that art came before literature because scholars dated cave art farther back in time than the first writing. Humans started creating cave art for one main reason, to worship/ask the gods and goddesses for items or animals that they needed. They did this because they needed food so they thought if they asked the gods for the item or animal, then the gods might give them what they requested. They started to draw what they need onto small clay tablets because it was getting harder to transport information around when one person had to remember so much at once. They wrote with stone tools or their fingers and engraved their writing onto walls, or clay tablets. That's where art and writing came from.

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The first humans had to make their own brushes and paint. They made their brushes with sticks and house hair and they made their paint with different colored earth pigments, water, animal fat, dirt, and charcoal. Also, they had other ways of creating an image on the cave wall other than brushing. For example, they would smear it with their hand, and or blow it onto the wall. We as humans today still use the same techniques of painting as they did in the cave thousands of years ago.The walls of the cave had pores just like human skin, and when they blew, smeared, or brushed their paint on the wall, the walls pores would absorb the paint. That is one of the reasons that these paintings are still here

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