Causes Of Pancreatic Cancer

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My written practicum will be on the causes of Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic Cancer is a genetic or environmental factor that critically affects the pancreas. This type of disease is considered to be “silent”, because the symptoms are often undetected. Thorough testing and critical screening can determine if there is an underlying cause or just a normal cycle of illness, such as the Flu. The cause of Pancreatic Cancer is determined to be caused by hereditary traits, environmental factors, as well as elderly age.
Scientists still do not know exactly what may cause most cases of Pancreatic Cancer, but they have found several risk factors that can make a person more likely to get this disease. In recent research, there has been a risk shown that a majority of these risk factors affect DNA of the cells of the pancreas. This can result in abnormal cell growth and may cause tumors to form.
When it comes down to it, it is nearly impossible to tell what caused a certain person to develop Pancreatic Cancer, but there are some important biological factors that can help doctors understand why it was formed. Scientists have conducted population-based studies as to why Pancreatic Cancer forms. These studies have also helped determine risk factors of Pancreatic Cancer and how to prevent them.
Pancreatic Cancer is also caused by damage to DNA, which can be inherited from parents or from aging. Smokers double their chances of developing Pancreatic Cancer versus if they did not smoke. The reason that smokers double their chances of developing this type of cancer is because smoking directly affects the pancreas. Not only does smoking actual cigarettes cause an increase in the risk of being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, but also smokeless toba...

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... have been doing a phenomenal job of figuring this out. DNA is the chemical in each cell that carries our genes. DNA is the source of just about everything. It not only determines what we look like, but also many other things. Instructions are on some of our genes to let them know when they need to multiply and divide. Cancers can be caused by DNA defects.
Many cancers seem to have been inherited DNA mutations. These mutations cause an extremely high risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as Pancreatic Cancer. Many of these DNA changes have been shown by researchers in recent years. Most of the time, DNA in non-inherited cases of Pancreatic Cancer seem to be the same as those who have inherited it.

Although there are many causes of Pancreatic Cancer, there are also various ways to prevent the risk of being diagnosed with this often preventable disease.
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