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Humans Screw Up Food Production: An Essay about farmers that Cause Soil Erosion Soil erosion is one of the most serious threats in our world. Humans cause 40% of soil erosion. Soil erosion is topsoil, which is organic soil made up with rich nutrients. Erosion can be caused by careless farming techniques that lead to water erosion. When it is raining and you are walking to class you can see soil erosion where they have been working besides the English building. Soil erosion and water erosion is practically the same thing. No one will ever notice soil erosion because nobody ever realizes erosion is everywhere we go. So what exactly causes soil erosion? Humans cause soil erosion, farmers, anybody really, cause soil erosion. Farmers do not listen…show more content…
Cropping systems decrease runoff and soil loss from continuous cotton to soybean to sorghum to wheat in all tillage systems under climate change, indicating a preference of winter wheat for controlling runoff and soil loss. Tillage systems are generally grouped into three types: intensive tillage, reduced tillage, and conservation tillage. “ According to the Conservation technology Information Center, IT includes more than four tillage passes and leaves less then 15% residue cover on the top soil surface after planting.” Farmers will use the tillage system and do it there own way or they will leave there crops leave out to long. If they leave their crops out too long bad rainstorms destroy about 60% of the crops. That is why farmers need to upgrade their technologies or go to their soil survey groups. They cannot predict on their own when to tillage…show more content…
See how much food we can loose from this. Our world is relying on our farmers to produce food and we just keep screwing it up. Back in the early 1900s they treated soil with respect. “ We believe that the soil, as well as the world, should be treated as a living organism. Just as we are not simply a compilation of various cells, but a whole that is entirely different than its parts, soil is not just dirt, but a living breathing entity full of organic matter, bacteria, minerals, water and air whose whole is so much greater than the sum of parts.”( Whitecraft, Michele A., and Jr. Bruce E. Huggins. “Casting a Wider Net: Understanding The “Root” Causes of Human-Induced Soil Erosion. “Agriculture 3.4 (2013): 613-628.

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