The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

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A narrative is specified to amuse, to attract, and grasp a reader’s attention. The types of narratives are fictitious, real or unification or both. However, they may consist of folk tale stories, mysteries, science fiction; romances, horror stories, adventure stories, fables, myths and legends, historical narratives, ballads, slice of life, and personal experience (“Narrative,” 2008). Therefore, narrative text has five shared elements. These are setting, characters, plot, theme, and vocabulary (“Narrative and Informational Text,” 2008). Narrative literature is originally written to communicate a story. Therefore, narrative literature that is written in an excellent way will have conflicts and can discuss shared aspects of human occurrence. The essay will concern information pertaining to narrative text. First the essay will discuss the definition of narrative literature. Second, the essay will consist of the advantages of narrative literature. Third, the disadvantages of narrative literature will also be discussed. Fourth, the essay will consist of five possible uses of narrative text in middle school language arts. There are several advantages to using narrative text in the middle school classroom environment. The first advantage is that the reader is entertained when reading narrative text. Second advantage involves narrative text attains and contains the interest of the reader. Third advantage consists of narrative text teaching or instructing the reader. Fourth advantage focuses on narrative text inconstant demeanor or social opinions of the reader. For example soap operas. The Bold and the Beautiful displayed in one of the episodes concerning homeless people and how their circumstances caused these individ... ... middle of paper ... history can increase the interest of students by helping students to understand that history has human perspectives and a more individual meaning. Also short stories can help students interpret history more plainly. Therefore, the teacher can use short stories to help students iterate reading and writing skills. Short stories can enrich a history teacher classroom and make learning history more pleasant and significant for students. An example of one of the short stories associated to the Civil War period is “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh by Ray Bradbury. This short story distinctly obtains the human passions and agitation during the Civil War period and it also deals with actual history in human details. Therefore, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh helps the reader interpret what it was like to be in the Civil War period in American history (White, 1993).

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