Case Study: Prognosis And Treatment

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TREATMENT: The prognosis and treatment options depend on the following: • The stage of the cancer. • Whether the cancer has blocked or made a hole in the colon. • Whether there is any cancer cells left after surgery. • Whether the cancer has recurred. • The patient’s general health. Six types of standard treatment are used: Surgery: Surgery is the most common treatment for all stages of colon cancer. Cancer cells may be removed by one of the below procedures: • Local excision: This is done when the cancer is found at an early stage. The procedure does not require cutting of the abdomen wall in order to remove the cancer instead a tube with a cutting tube attached to it is placed up the rectum into the colon and then the cancer is cut out. Polypectomy is a similar procedure but the cancer cells are found within a polyp (a small bulging area of tissue • Resection of the colon with anastomosis: A partial colectomy is a procedure whereby removing the cancer and a small amount of healthy tissue around it. An anastomosis which is sewing of the healthy parts of the colon together may also b...

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