Caribbean Creoles In The Caribbean

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All islands in the Caribbean share a similar colonial history which has caused creolization of languages, communities and culture. These creole language function as symbols of identity to those that are mainly of African and indigenous decent. This research paper written by Diana Ursulin Mopsus of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, entitled, “The Attitudes Toward Caribbean Creoles of European Descended Communities in Martinique and St. Croix” has the Caribbean as its target audience. The research problem proposed is, what are the attitudes of propertied European descended people towards Caribbean creoles, in particular, toward Martinican and Crucian. This research is important to the Caribbean because in order to gain a fuller understanding of the sociolinguistic situation of the Caribbean, the attitudes toward creole of propertied descendants of early European settlers who were born and raised in Martinique and St. Croix, must be analysed. In order to determine that the research paper is trustworthy; techniques and methods used must be critically analysed, using the research process as a guide.
Many political changes have been happening in St. Croix throughout their history. Switching hands from Spain, Holland, England, France, The Knights of Malta, Denmark and the United States, this country has a rich cultural heritage where it contrasts with Martinique who was mainly colonised by the French and only received the English colonisation for a few years. The attitudes being investigated in both countries are analysed using Baker’s theoretical framework which identifies three major components for conceptualising attitudes. Attitudes determine the contribution members of a language minority group make to maintain the minori...

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...ven though in Martinique some informants agreed with learning Martinican Creole as an optional subject; they also believed that the studying of Martinican Creole should be an aid to learning French.
Do ideological factors influence the attitudes of propertied European descended people towards creole? Yes ideological factors influence the attitudes of propertied European descended people towards creole this is in terms of where and when the language is used. As one informant said from St. Croix, he was only allowed to speak the creole with the authorization of his teachers. Other from Martinique only used the creole mostly in informal situations. Also some use the creole to speak to their employees who cannot speak French. This fully shows the distance between the ideologies of propertied European descended people and the African or indigenous descended people.

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