Career as an Oceanographer

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Oceanography is also commonly known as ocean logy or marine science. It is a branch of science that studies ocean and tries to understand the processes within it. The researches conducted by oceanographers are used by government and industry. The flora and fauna found in the ocean are used for medical research. These researchers are trying to discover the new supply of foodstuff made from plants and animals in the ocean. There are many branches of oceanography. They include: • Marine Physics: It studies the physical attributes of the ocean. • Marine chemistry or Chemical Oceanography: It deals with the study of composition and quality of water and ocean floor. • Marine geology or Geological Oceanography: It studies the sea floor, its characteristics etc. • Marine biology: It studies marine life, its composition, and distribution. Apart from these there are other disciplines of Oceanography. They are as follows: • Marine policy : It requires knowledge of at least one social science i.e. political science, law or economics • Marine archeology : It requires familiarity related to the fields like archeology and anthropology Oceanographers should have good knowledge about the basic sciences viz biology, chemistry, geology or engineering and this knowledge and abilities could be used in oceanography. There are around sixty five courses of oceanography in India. They can work in different fields as like chemical oceanography, marine biology and physical oceanography. There is good scope for careers in oceanography in developing countries. Personality traits The fundamental skills required for oceanographer is critical thinking, write clearly and speak well. It also requires fluency in computers and experience of traveling by ships are desirable. They should also possess scientific and practical skills. They should also be in good physical health. If you have the knowledge to fix equipments that are on the ship it would be added an advantage. Apart from these other traits required include ability to speak foreign languages and a certificate as scuba diver. You should have the stamina to work under extreme conditions and love for adventure. Besides these, you should have the ability to survive monotony, isolation, inquisitive and logical mind. The person should be cooperative in nature, team building and love to travel around new places and admire nature and its wonders. Knowledge of swimming and diving are required for oceanographers as it requires you to travel by water. Oceanography Courses and training MSc in oceanography MSc in Marine Biology Msc in Marine Sciences MSc in Oceanography and Coastal area study Msc in oceanography –physical and chemical

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