Career Path For Becoming A Manager And / Or Team Leader

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1. What was your career path for becoming a manager and/or team leader? A: grew up in the business and when began working, and worked his way up and now owns a freight forwarding company. 2. What do you consider the qualifications to get into management or team leadership role within your organization? A: The desire to learn and of course gaining hands on experience he keeps his skills up to date by reading may topics, attending seminars. To get promoted within his company, again desire and drive is of most importance. If one doesn’t have that, then education nor anything else will make a person successful. 3. How do you incorporate the four functions of management, plan, lead, organize, and control into your daily routine? Which of these functions do you focus upon the most in your role? A: By setting specific expectations, assigning to the right people, letting those in leadership roles make decisions and motivate all that work for him to be the best they can be. Leading is the role most focused on for Mr. Kazazz. 4. How are the team members or employees in your group evaluated and compensated? To what extent is compensation based upon individual accomplishment and to what extent is it based upon achieving team or department goals? Does this compensation system ever generate conflict amongst team members? If so, how is this resolved? A: Attitude and are they producing and again it determined equally for both. Conflicts do not arise because of incentives given to all employees and he doesn’t not keep from employees. So basically, if someone is making more, then the others know why and will be motivated to get there too. 5. Are there opportunities for promotion within your occupation? Is higher pay commensurate with the... ... middle of paper ... .... Do you think someone with those strengths would be a good fit for this career? My main strengths are that I work well under pressure, organized, strong problem solving skills, and strong emotional intelligence. Yes, that I am a good fit for this career, especially in the area of working well under pressure. 12. Can you give me some tips for survival? If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently? A: His answer was to network and sales is a must. If he could do it over again, he would have been in sales and started his own business long ago. 13. Can you suggest two other people I might contact to learn more about this field? May I use your name? Can you give me some tips for survival? If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently? A: He suggested Dora Lea and Bern Losskarn, both whom are in the freight forwarding business.
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