Car Lottery Case Study

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If you were to redesign jobs at CarMax to improve employee motivation, how would you do so? When it comes down to CarMax they provide many incentives that motivate the employees to increase their performance within the company such as their flat fixed commission received for their sale consultants. If we were to redesign the jobs at CarMax to improve employee motivation we would keep the flat fixed commission but gradually increase it each year. We would also like to increase job enrichment with additional incentives and provide cross training throughout the company, and surveys after each customer has made it to the final stage of their vehicle purchase. By increasing the fixed commission, the sales consultants receive it would inspire these individuals to bring forth their strongest abilities in order to fulfill their job responsibilities and possibly improve the organizational citizen behaviors of our employees. This would only apply if each sales consultant as a whole were able to satisfy the requirements of selling a certain percentage each month…show more content…
This is where the survey would be beneficial giving the employees different perspectives of each individual customer that they help. Another way in which this could helpful is, we could see how satisfied the customers were with their car buying experience. A more satisfied customer would be more willing to refer others including family and friends to the CarMax which would increase our profits. However, we prefer to make subtle changes with CarMax because CarMax has already been named to the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® eleven years in a row (Fortune). It’s obvious that their employees are happy with their company we would just like to make some minor improvements to help further improve employee motivation. With our techniques we believe that CarMax can move up to number 1 of this

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