The Lottery Analysis

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The real point of “The Lottery”
Imagine living in a wonderful small town. Everyone knows each other. Although sometimes there are disagreements and gossiping, most of the time everyone gets along. Naturally, everyone in the town truly comes to love each other as if they were all one big family. Every year, though, all of the townspeople are forced to kill one member in the town. How terrible and shocking! That is basically what happens in the short story entitled “The Lottery.” There is a lottery to stone one person every year, and this year the victim is Tessie Hutchinson. In “The Lottery,” the author, Shirley Jackson, is implying that humans are capable of terrible cruelty and of destroying themselves at any time and place if they feel it is okay or the right thing to do.
First of all, Jackson uses the elements of the story to show that humans are able to display brutality anywhere if they don’t seem to see a problem with it. One story element is the setting, and the setting of this story is a “sunny, pleasant….and happy” place, yet terrible occurrences still took place (The Lottery 144). This shows that bad things can happen anywhere, even in places where everything seems to be “civilized and peaceful” (The Lottery 144). Also, there are no clues in the story that describe a “specific time and place” (The Lottery 144). By doing that, the author was trying to suggest that terrible events can occur at any given time or place in the world (The Lottery 144).
Another story element is the characters. The author uses many characters to prove that if people somehow think it is the right thing to do, they are literally capable of destroying themselves. Many people in the town who seemed to be nice friends of Tessie are the ones tha...

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...tery 145). Finally, during the Cold War time period there was also a “Communist ‘“witch hunt”’ that continued for…four years,” which many people were hurt and killed by (The Lottery 146). This all shows that the human race can really kill others if they somehow think it is okay.
All in all, the author of the short story “The Lottery,” Shirley Jackson is using the story to infer that humans can do terribly harmful acts, to the point of actually destroying each other at any given time or place if they have been made to believe it is truly the correct thing to do. Jackson uses the elements of the story, such as the setting, characters, and plot, to do this. She also basically criticizes the human race overall, and finally she is able to write the story with events of World War II in mind. Humans really can do horrifically amazing things when they are led to do them.

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