Capitalism and Social Darwinism

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The economic system and ideology of Capitalism modifies the patterns of social, political and economic relations justifying a culture of Social Darwinism. As Capitalism modifies culture, its connection to Social Darwinism becomes obvious. The success of Capitalism is derived from the backs of the working class. Capitalism establishes a culture of paternalism that limits the autonomy of organizations, society, and the state. The social mobility of the poor and working classes is denied, and their condition is seen as voluntary. Social programs designed to end or limit poverty are destroyed with the justification that they are handouts, and the unequal distribution of wealth goes on infinitely. Social Darwinism is a reaction to Capitalist ideology.
Capitalism is an economic system described by Adam Smith is his 1776 work, The Wealth of Nations. Smith is referred to as “The Father of Modern Economics.” Adam Smith argued for laissez-faire, or hands off, free-market economy. Smith argued that a free-market would self regulate, and succeed without state interference. Some writers now propose that Smith would have favored a system that provided consumer protection, health benefits, environmentalism, and penalties for improper or greedy behavior. Modern Capitalism is associated with the German philosopher Karl Marx. Marx explained the natural state of Capitalism is “Crony-Capitalism”, a state in which the economic system is controlled by corruption, nepotism, and cartels.
Social Darwinism is the term used by Historians to describe the application of Darwin’s natural selection to society. Charles Darwin published his famous study, The Origin of the Species in 1859. Darwin’s theory, based on the observations and knowledge g...

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...t Obama called Republican policy proposals “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”
Why do Americans continue to support the policies Capitalism and Social Darwinism? Fear and hope. Most Americans are the working poor, stuck in minimum-wage jobs, afraid that any kind of revolt will result in further poverty. The lower classes have been brainwashed to believe that they are a burden to society, and a product of their own doing. The middle and upper classes continuously feed them scraps of hope that they can improve their position in society. These small scraps allow the middle and upper classes to maintain the support of the lower class. Social Darwinism defends Capitalism’s theory that competition over resources will encourage the evolution of man. Social Darwinism also justifies the exploitation of workers for low wages, reasoning that such workers are less worthy.

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