The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty is cruel and unusual, however we still give constitutional acceptance to the federal system. It presents “a relic of the earliest days of penology, when slavery, branding, and other corporal punishments were commonplace. Like those other barbaric practices, executions have no place in civilized society.”(1) It is wrong to advocate the the use of the capital punishment when numerous options are available to those in need of rehabilitation. Three of the most prominent problems with continuing this archaic method of retribution are innocents conflicted with inaccurate verdicts, the death penalty being a state-sanctioned killing that only continues the evolution of violence, and the nation's taxes going towards the purchase of fatal narcotics used in the killings of fellow human beings.
There are many different reasons associated with the fact that there are still innocents being convicted with crimes they did not commit. At Northwestern Law School, in 2001, the Center of Wrongful Convictions studied the individual cases of 86 death row exonerees. Five top components were included: eyewitness error, where people have a faulty memory or are confused by the incident. Government misconduct, exemplified by the justice system(both police and the prosecution). Junk science, evidence being mishandled or studied by those who are unqualified in a trade where precision is of the utmost importance. A snitch testimony which is a trick and is normally given to those believing it is a reduction in their sentence. A false confession prompted by a mental illness or of those being clinically retarded, also stemming from police torture. Hearsay and circumstantial evidence also top the list as well.(2) When the irreversible sanc...

... middle of paper ... prisoners on death row alone costs 90,000 dollars a year for housing and staffing extra guards.(3) Thirteen years is the average time a person will spend on death row so that is slightly over a million dollars that will be spent on one person coming out of the taxpayers money. Even the morally ambiguous are being affected by the decision to keep this practice in place. In any era, even outside the economic downturn our country is facing right now, that is too much money to throwing down the toilet.
Capital punishment only shows how America as a nation still clings on to practices used from long ago. Now with the implementation of new forms of justice it’s seems reasonable that nefarious traditions be omitted from the itinerary. Rehabilitation is far better for the people than the use of life-ending threats that do not help to deter the committing of crimes.
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