Capital Punishment And Death Penalty

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One of the major problems many have with capital punishment is the cost. Death penalty trials are very complicated with many important parts, and as a result the death penalty is extremely expensive. Studies have shown that a “death-penalty trial costs $1 million more than one in which prosecutors seek life without parole (Barnes 1 of 2).” Duke University studied North Carolina’s death penalty and found that the state spent more, $2.1 million dollars more, on a death penalty case than a case seeking a life sentence (Barnes 1 of 2). Between 1995 and 2004, New York spent over $170 million dollars without executing a single prisoner (Costs 3 of 5). Death row prisoners are deemed dangerous to society and other prisoners, and so they are classified as maximum custody. This means that they are kept in a cell by themselves. Keeping prisoners on death row costs $90,000 more per year than regular confinement due to single cell housing and the extra guards that are needed in those prisons (Barnes 2 of 2). Security for the death row inmates is greatly increased which adds about 100,000 dollars to the cost of incarcerating each death row prisoner (Williams 1 of 2). California’s 714 capital prisoners cost $184 million more per year than those sentenced to life without parole. Capital crime cases have many aspects which increases the cost. Qualified lawyers are needed to work on these cases, and due to the limited amount of capable attorneys, the prisoners are forced to wait to have an attorney assigned to their case (Williams 2 of 2). These special state appointed attorneys cost the state up to $300,000 to represent each death row inmate on appeal (Williams 1 of 2). The long wait drives up the cost of the case along with the increase of time ...

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... execute should not be made lightly, and tests should be done to ensure the right person is being punished for the crime that was committed. Taking away the person’s life who is responsible for the death of another person cannot bring the victim back and does not solve anything. Various people all over the world believe that the death penalty should not be supported and that it should be abolished. Many reasons exist for the abolition of the death penalty to take place including cost issues, religious issues, whether or not it acts as a deterrent, executing innocents and the harshness of the execution. Some may say the people who committed the most heinous crimes deserve to have justice served to them. However, even murderers are humans and should be treated fairly and justly. All people, even the guilty have a right to live; regardless of the crimes they committed.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the cost of capital punishment is a major problem. death-penalty trials cost $1 million more than life without parole cases.
  • Analyzes how the cost of the death penalty is a major factor in the debate against capital punishment.
  • Explains that religion is a major part of the debate surrounding the death penalty.
  • Explains that although some religions support the death penalty, many others don't. modern society has other ways to punish those who need it.
  • Explains that the death penalty is a major problem for many people. studies show that each execution deters an average of eighteen murders.
  • Argues that the evidence that supports the claims of executions successfully deterring crime is weak and inconclusive.
  • Explains that many people have been proven to be innocent during the time the death penalty has been allowed. mistakes are an irreversible act and can cost people their lives.
  • Opines that people who were exonerated were released from death row as a result of dna testing. curtis mccarty was wrongfully accused of murder and rape, but his innocence was proven too late.
  • Argues that the death penalty should be outlawed because of its unconstitutional methods of execution.
  • Opines that retribution is a horrible and wrong reason to justify executions of death row prisoners.

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