Candida albicans

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The main reason why I ended up choosing Candida albicans as my particular microbe is because I wanted to be original and try to pick something different from the rest of my classmates. Also, in order to know more about microbes that could impact humans by way of infection and disease, I was set on choosing some type of parasite or pathogen. In addition, when we had looked at fungi - yeasts through our microscopes, I had thought that this particular microbe’s structure was quite interesting and unique. During the age of Hippocrates, individuals with various immune compromised symptoms were commonly reported to have thrush. Around the 1840s while medical treatments for mycotic conditions were being experimented with, researchers found that thrush was caused by transmissible fungi. By 1923, Christine Marie Berkhout had written a doctoral thesis on the genus Candida and Candida albicans in the Netherlands, University of Utrecht (Holland and Vinh 1798). On artificial media, yeast cultures grow similarly to bacteria, but are actually five to ten times larger than bacteria. In addition, ...

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