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What is Thrush? Thrush is a fungal infection primarily, of mucosal tissues of the body. Also termed as Candidiasis or, “yeast infection” in common language, thrush is the result of the overgrowth of Candida albicans, a genus of fungi. Although it can cause problems for individuals of any gender and age having a weak immune system, children and elders are more prone to this disease. What is the real source of Thrush? Your own body is the real source of Thrush. Many types of microbes like bacteria and fungi dwell inside and on the surfaces of your body. These usual inhabitants are termed "Normal Flora” and their growth is regulated and controlled by the immune system (Shih-Chin Cheng). Candida albicans is one of these "guests" in your body; that can grow extensively when the immune system gets weakened, resulting in the agonizing symptoms of Thrush (WJ). Who gets Thrush commonly? Why can you be a prey to Thrush? Here are few factors that can cause your body to be affected by Candida albicans (Thrush) 1. Poor health as a whole, with dietary deficiencies, or some long term serious illnesses, resulting in weak immune system of your body. However it is not always the primary factor (Shih-Chin Cheng). 2. Being very young or very old is also a risk factor, mainly because people in extremes of age have weaker immunity as an inbuilt factor. Thrush is very common in babies, however it is not considered much serious in infants unless it lasts more than two weeks (Zubik L). 3. HIV infection seriously damages the defense system of the body, so the victim becomes susceptible to all kinds of infections including Thrush. 4. Heavy drugging as steroids, chemotherapy and long term antibiotic use (even years ago) is one of the factors that are very... ... middle of paper ... ...its possible use as a treatment for candidiasis (Marlete Brum Cleff). Oregano essential oil was examined in vitro against four human pathogenic yeasts, including Candida albicans, and was found to inhibit growth of all four yeasts examined (Amber Adams) You must think about the "side effects" of Oregano oil. Yes! You are right; there some "side effects", but you’ll desire these. The side effects this natural remedy are that it may also improve your breath; it may induce a natural antihistamine effect, assisting you in a lessening of the allergic reactions that you may endure, it can give you a clearer skin and can improve your immune system overall. Oregano is proven to be useful improved overall brain function. With so many benefits, aside from its ability to combat Candida albicans, wild oregano appears to be a good safe bet for your overall long term good health.
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