Understanding Canada's Global Influence and Identity

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An American comedian once joked, “It’s easy to forget about little tiny Canada, all tucked away down there.” Obviously, this person knows little about Canada. Why is it important for peoples of other nations to learn about Canada? How does Canada attempt to impact world affairs? Discuss these questions in detail, using at least three specific examples Just like any country or nation, Canada posses its own unique culture, language and history. As with other cultures throughout the world, Canada’s culture is a result from a long history of influences, some peaceful and some arising out of conflict. This essay will discuss some important information about Canada. First and foremost, Canada is the second largest country in the world and is located …show more content…

Canadians have a strong sense of identity, especially when comes to the idea of peacekeeping. Peacekeeping is the number one priority that about 83% Canadians feels strongly about. Canada, as a country itself, plays a big role in the United Nations when discussing peacekeeping. Peacekeeping in Canada arose in the 1940s and was not initially intended to be peacekeeping but to create international laws for the United Nations to keep combat at a minimum and to resolve any issues without combat or force. During the 1950s, Canadian’s militaries began as a small peacekeeping operation that would later turn into a larger operation in the future. Many of Canadian’s’ public opinion regarding peacekeeping has changed over the course of time. Many attitudes toward peacekeeping find the foreign policy to be irrelevant, whereas some of the public eye views the foreign policy to have a better understanding and support the long-term perspective of peacekeeping. International Trade is another foreign policy that Canadians play a constructive role when dealing with world affairs. The largest trading partner with Canada is the United States. Between In North America, Canada and the United states have partnered themselves for a Free Trade Agreement. This trade agreement is called NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, which allows free trade for goods and services to pass across the borders of Canada, United States and the country of Mexico. What is so significant about the NAFTA is that it removes tariffs on imports. For example, if a product were to be produced in the United States, it would not be treated as “foreign” by the other nations. To Canada, the NAFTA is a significant factor when targeting their economy. The NAFTA allows Canadians to have access to a larger market for goods, lower prices and it creates a greater economic

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