Canada's Role in Peacekeeping for the World

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Peacekeeping has played a significant role in defining and shaping the country that Canada is today. Canada’s role used to be viewed by many as insufficient in the major issues which regarded the traditional powers of the world. Later on Canada began to establish some forms of credibility as they were fighting for a common good of the world’s nations and not just their allies. Recently since the year 1995 the role that Canada plays in the united nations peacekeeping efforts has significantly dropped, a large part of this was as a result of UN military missions through NATO as opposed to strictly just the UN. Due to this the role that this country has played in peacekeeping missions has decreased significantly compared to what it used to be. Canada’s role as a peacekeeper was significantly played in the 1950’s when it began; a major result of this was because of man named Lester Pearson. The peacekeeping operations were a big part in the war as it allowed combatants to try and resort to a more effective solution rather than fighting or going to war and causing a conflict. Peacekeeping in this country is especially well known for being able to deploy its troops so quickly in major missions which need attention. In today’s society the united nations in Canada is responsible for deploying the peace operations, what this country looks to do in these missions is to bring about peace in the areas which are greatly suffering and need some form of sustainable peace. The traditional role of these operations is to ensure long term developmental assistance as well working with the United Nations to ensure the best operations are brought to the table and that they are being done effectively. Peacekeeping doesn’t just involve the military bei... ... middle of paper ... ...with the United Nations has seemed to get the job done, this doesn’t just look good to us Canadians but it also helps when it comes to developing relationships with other countries, it signifies to these nations that we are there to help and not to cause conflict which tends to result in some peacekeeping operations. Peace will not be attained by taking part in these missions alone, there also has to be support from economic, social and political standpoints especially in countries where they are always having some form of peace problems it seems to be. Through Canada’s continued efforts in peace keeping operations we will continue to become more effective and better able to serve the needs of developing nations. Canada was one of the first countries that took a step to adapting these missions and it seems that they will continue to do so for quite some time now.

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