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How can societies meet their infinite amounts of needs and desires on a finite planet? This is not only an economic problem but also an environmental and a social problem that all societies have to face. Sustainable development is an organizing solution for humans to live on a planet with limited resources. The term Sustainable Development was introduced by the United Nations in the Brundtland Report (1987). The concept of sustainable development has can be broken down into three parts: economical development, environmental development and social development. Canada is well known for its natural resources, diverse cultures and welfare services. However, without a sustainable strategy Canada will rapidly use up its resources. Furthermore it will lead to negative economical, environmental and social outcomes. This brings up the question “What should Canada’s role be in this global issue?” Canada’s role should be to strive to develop economically, environmentally and socially in a more sustainable way, so that future generations will be provided with a good quality of life. In order to become sustainable Canada must minimize the gap between the wealthy and the poor, reduce greenhouse gases and promote multiculturalism. Firstly, for Canada to be sustainable in terms of economic development, Canada has to minimize the gap between the wealthy and the poor. The current gap between the wealthy and poor is putting Canada at a disadvantage. With the increase of income inequality, poverty will increasingly be a very big issue and the long-term health of society will be affected. For example research has shown that places with greater income inequality will have greater chances of financial crisis. In recent years the Canadians’ ratio of hou... ... middle of paper ... ...a good quality of life, Canada’s role should be to develop sustainably. Canada must consider minimizing the gap between the wealthy and the poor, reducing greenhouse gas and promoting multiculturalism so that healthy sustainable development is produced. Firstly, Canada must minimize the gap between the wealthy and the poor, otherwise poverty will continuously be a big issue and future generations who are in poverty will have a poorer standard of living. Secondly, Canada has to reduce greenhouse gases to ensure future generations will have a healthy amount of resources and a healthy environment to live in. Lastly, Canada has to promote multiculturalism and equality so that choices made by systemic racial discrimination among future generations will be reduced. Even on a finite planet, sustainable development will help Canada support the needs of future generations.

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