Calvin Coolidge

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John Calvin Coolidge, thirtieth President of the United States, was a quiet but brave man. His primary focus was on domestic issues within the United States. His childhood was hard, he pulled through and his life was a mirror of his strength. Calvin Coolidge did great things which were reflected in his personal life, his political upbringing, and his presidency until his death.

Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, 1872, in Plymouth Notch, Virginia. He was named after his father whom he greatly admired (Sobel, 20). Calvin was a small, skinny boy with vibrant red hair. His hair gave him the nickname "Red," which many school friends called him. He had a sister named Abigail, who was born in 1875. Calvin was three years older than she (Lawerence). Coolidge's mother Virginia moved to Plymouth Notch, in 1849 (Sobel, 23).

He loved his mother dearly and he greatly respected his dad. Coolidge's father John was a man of many careers. He held a position in office as a politician and several other jobs throughout the small town (Lawerence). Death intruded into their lives by taking Coolidge's mother in 1885, and later taking Abigail in 1890 from appendicitis. (Greenburg, 17) (Moran, 1). The distress within the family was great but in time Coolidge's father remarried to Carrie Brown, who lived until May 18, 1920. Though death was a very big part of Coolidge's life he managed to get through. Finally, his father passed away in 1926 leaving Coolidge emotionally drained. Death never discouraged him though. He kept moving up in the political world, never giving up, and always trying to be the best man he could be (Moran, 7, 21).

Calvin Coolidge had a good education and loved to learn. At the age of fifte...

... middle of paper ... was touching to all who personally knew him. Though while alive he grieved over his many losses, he still made a remarkable effort to be a good President for the country. Calvin Coolidge kept up a good appearance and favor with the people throughout the beginning of his life, his presidency and until his death. "Coolidge was not a great president, but rather belonged." (Sobel, 238, 418)

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