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I would have to say that the most challenging classroom experience would be the comprehensive examination that I took to complete my Master Degree of Higher Education at the University of Oklahoma. I experienced a lot of anxiety for the test because I was not sure what kind of questions were going to be asked on this examination. I went to a training seminar for this written comprehensive exam and was able to obtain a study guide from a classmate of mine in my Research Methods course which is a core course that is covered on the comprehensive exam.
The next month after this training seminar were spent studying the comprehensive exam which consisted of the classes of Adult Learner, Research Methods, Administration of Adult and Higher Education, and Critical Literature in Adult and Higher Education. The day of the comprehensive exam arrived and even though I was a bit nervous it seemed to go very well. When I read the questions, I felt confident in my abilities. Each student only had to answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly because Adult Learner and the Critical Literature question w...

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