Business Case Study: Qintax And Quitax

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1. Beltran’s strategic position is to be competitive by providing goods or services at lower costs than its competitors. In this scenario they have lower maintenance costs compared to the Quitax. Qintax’s strategic position is being competitive by differentiation, which is providing faster & higher quality service to its customers than its competitor but at a premium price A good example would be Dell compared to HP or Acer as they are well known for their after sales service, and their quality is better than other competing brands in the same market. 2. Quitax’s service reputation and the cost of maintenance are sources of value to the customer the quality of their products Quitax’s faster delivery times also gives customer the impression…show more content…
The business would have to carry out changes in their business activities such as implementing new production processes, new software packages and introducing innovative human resource management policies. Information such as labour effectiveness & productivity should also be measured. Managers would need budgets from cost centres, performance reports & product cost from manufacturing department in a timely manner. There should be a pre-set allocation for defective units as a control measure for the supervisors to maintain the quality of the operation & the production. To reduce the cost of labour, labour hours should be also allotted efficiently. Supervisors and managers should calculate a rate at which labours are given the time to produce a given number of products in a given period of time so as to keep the staff cost to the set budget. These two control measures are very critical to the success and maintenance of the internal process. Control mechanisms ensure that operations proceed according to the plan and the objectives are…show more content…
As a result of this in the short run the business might show profits and would look good in the books, however in the long run the potential of growth from the opportunity cost might be lost. Managers might set budgets that are too high or too low. If budgetary goal is easily achieved manager would lose interest and performance would decrease. On the other hand if the target is too high the manager might lose focus and performance would decrease. (Mowen, Hansen and Heitger 2009) The long run effect from these actions would be that the company would suffer from inefficient resource usage or allotment which in turn reduces

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