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Business Analysis of My business is a sole trader, it will be a sports shop called, specialising in Hockey goods and accessories. It will be selling trainers and Hockey shoes, sticks, clothing, bags, protection, goalkeeping kits, coaching and fitness equipment and accessories. The shop will provide some services such as: * Stick re-gripping and maintenance. * Personalised team clothing The target market and likely customers are: * Club Hockey players, Younger children starting hockey at school and sports players, * Of ages 11-75+, * From the Spalding and district area, * Both male and female I TYPES AND STYLE Sole trader This is a person that runs their own business, usually on their own. The advantages of being a sole trader are, that the work that has been done is your work only, the profits are all yours and that you are self-employed (you are your own boss). The disadvantages of being a sole trader are that you may find you haven’t got enough money to start the business, pay for staff, equipment and stock, you may need help choosing locations, themes and styles and you would be likely to find yourself working harder and longer hours. Partnerships This is when two or more people join together to form a business. Partnerships usually have two to twenty partners. The advantage of being a partner is that the workload is split but so is the profit. The agreement made to split the profit is called a ‘deed of partnership’. Partnerships can include a sleeping partner or a silent partner, this is a partner who puts money into the busin... ... middle of paper ... ... above message, while informing others. Place posters around local area. Reinforce above message, potentially reaching customers, which may not have received a leaflet. Objective: continue to develop interest in the business. 3 days before opening Reminds people of my business for a third time, and is kept recent in the mind of my target segment, as the opening is not long after. Media advertising-Advertisement in the local paper. Reinforce above message, increasing interest in the business. Objective: continue to develop interest in the business and develop customer base. First three weeks Builds a customer base after opening my business. Sales Promotion- Introductory special offers on various goods. Build up sales Objective: Increase revenue and build customer base.

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