Business Analysis: Brookshire’s Grocery Company

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Brookshire’s Grocery Company is a privately held Texas based retail food chain that operates in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The company’s corporate office and headquarters are located in Tyler, Texas at the Tyler distribution center. Brookshire’s operates under three distinct banners: Brookshire’s food stores which are full service supermarkets, Super 1 Foods stores which are upscale warehouse style stores, and FRESH by Brookshire’s which is a concept store. Brookshire’s Grocery is rated #193 on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Company List with revenues of 2.4 billion as of December of 2013 (Forbes, 2013). There are 118 cities where Brookshire’s, FRESH, and Super 1 Foods stores operate. There are over 150 stores, 113 pharmacies and 81 fuel centers (Company, 2011, p. 11) and Brookshire’s has over 13,000 people known as partners that work for them. Brookshire’s owns seven BGC manufacturing plants, three distribution centers; two that are in Tyler and one that is in Monroe, LA., and operates an onsite track store in a tent at the Texas motor speedway. Brookshire’s also has that offers items that you won’t find in your local Brookshire’s grocery store on their company web site ( by Brookshire's , 2014). Brookshire’s Grocery has a company fleet that has 71 tractors and 297 trailers. The primary focus of Brookshire’s is on retail and their top competitors are HEB, Walmart, and Kroger. Brookshire’s Grocery Company was originally part of the Brookshire’s Brothers chain of family owned stores and was founded in 1928 by Wood T. and Louise Brookshire. In 1939 the companies split and Wood took control of three Tyler-area stores for his share in the partnership and the companies are now no longer relate... ... middle of paper ... ...Management. I believe that my Train-Select-Recruit class has taught me many things that I will be able to use in a Human Resource position. I learned many different ways that training can be looked at and approached. I was introduced to a new social media program called Aurasma that could be used for training. It reminded me that there are always new ways to go about developing a training program and that you need to keep your eyes open and keep an open mind. More work. In addition to this, I feel that my Team building class gave me good insight into the inner workings and mechanics of how teams work. More work. My Human Resource Management class helped me to learn some of the different issues that I could be facing in a Human Resource position. I believe that I will be able to use what I learned to appropriately address these issues when faced with them. More Work

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