Human Service Reflection Paper

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This course has taught me a lot about the role human service workers have in communities and what communities need from human services. I learned about why this type of work is so important and was able to seen that importance first hand through my observation hours at the Dorothy Day Center.
I came into this class not really knowing any more then people can get insurance and money for food from the human service department. My eyes were definitely opened those first couple weeks of class. I have realized that there is so much more that a human services worker can do. I also learned that most people who use the services are truly desperate and need help. I have learned a lot about seeing the big picture and not just what’s in front of me.
I knew that there were services offered to low income people but what I didn’t realize was that they served the military too. I had
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It made me think about what services were needed in my area and how they were different from other areas like big cities, in the military and in Oklahoma’s tornado alley. It also made me thing about how the needs change over time.

6) Explore the personal values and attributes that are necessary to be successful in human services.
• I learned about this competency while doing the Reflections on Adolescence assignment and from my classmates.
Learning this competency made me think about what makes a good human service professional and how I measured up. It caused me to look at my life and my experiences and realize how different things could have been for me if I were to have received certain services growing up. I have also learned from my class that all kinds of people from all walks of life, can find a place they are needed in human services.

7) Explain the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS) Code of Ethics, and its importance to the profession.
• I learned about this competency while reading Chapter
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