Management Consulting and Decision Making

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According to Management Consultancy Association, “management consultancy is the creation of value for organisations through the application of knowledge technique and assets to improve business performance. This can be achieved through the rendering of objective advice and or the implementation of the business solutions” (O’Mahoney 2010).

However, Greiner and Metzger(1983) defined management consulting as an advisory service contracted for and provided to organisation by specially trained and qualified persons who assist in an objective and independent manner, the client organisation to identify management problems, recommend solutions to these problems and help when requested in the implementation of solution.

The types of projects undertaken by consultant may involve the proffering of specialist technical expertise such as the development of information technology system or generating cultural change within an organisation, help organisations build relationships with outside parties etc. (Wickham and Wickham 2008). They can serve as a change agent, coach, educators or facilitators within an organisation.

Management consulting includes a wide range of activities which can be described in different ways. One way is to focus on area of expertise which includes corporate strategy, service quality, human resource management or operations management. Another way is to view the process as a sequence of phases which include initiation, contracting, diagnosis, data collection, feedback, recommendation and implementation (Edvardsson 1989).

In organisations, clients look to consultants for advice to solve problems and improve the company. From the survey in 2006 by management consultancy Association 66 per cent of the c...

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