Burns Auto Case Study

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Burns Auto Case Study The automobile industry is one that has constant vicissitudes. Burns Auto Corporation is not exempt from these unexpected changes or shifts in that industry. Many factors drive the automobile market fuel prices, the economy, and family sizes are just a few. This paper will take an in depth look at the current situation at Burns Auto; including the situation, problem definition, end state goals. Situation Burns Corporation is an auto corporation that consists of 24 dealerships selling foreign automobiles in the United States. Burns has experienced an increase in their inventory, which is becoming costly and cutting into profits. Inventory costs total approximately 300 million dollars with a 3% finance charge. Recently, however, inventory costs have peaked at 360 million dollars and finance charges have reached approximately 750 thousand dollars monthly. As inventory grows due to misalignment of sales and merchandise ordering, so does the need for more accurate forecasting models. The manufactures have issued a "turn and earn" approach that affects how dealerships will be receiving their inventory. This change states that shipments will be based on inventory. The only way new models will be received is when other models are sold. Burns needs an analysis model that will assist them in future inventory decisions. The development of this model and what is should entail seems to be the main priority. Thomas Burns is the owner of Burns Auto. Thomas has twelve years experience in the automobile industry and bought the dealerships as a five-year investment. He wants to take on a new method of managing inventories and forecasting sales, especially now that all manufacturers have mandated the "turn and earn" approach. Richard Settle is Burns' Corporate President and Sales Manager. Richard has fifteen years experience in the automobile industry working for a larger company, he acquired the position of senior vice president at that company before coming to work for Thomas. He has since been with Burns for five years and feels that the responsibility of forecasting should be a one-man job so that one man is held accountable. Peter Reardon is a potential consultant Thomas is taking into consideration. John Peterson is the consultant that has helped Richard in the past. Lisa Hopkins is the Corporate Vice President at Burns.

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