A Report on the BMW Group

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1982 words

A Report on the BMW Group


As a result of the increased demand of cars, the competition among car companies is becoming intense. Although the market of car is the biggest growing market in the world, there are still some companies who make cars failing year after year. However, there are some outstanding car companies such as The BMW Group performing distinctly.

The history of BMW is one of ground-breaking innovations and exceptional automobiles, including motorcycles and aircraft engines. It has a history with people of vision and of pioneering creation in the world of aviation engineering. Already we can begin to see that the BMW group is a well known and significant player in its market.

BMW was founded in 1916 as an aircraft-engine factory in Munich. In 1923, BMW built the first motorcycle and then in 1928 bought a car factory with license to build a small car called the Dixi. It continues growing and expanding its business with a good reputation and high quality of products which both satisfy its customers.

BMW is a not just a company, it is a brand. The BMW brand manufactures automobiles built on engineering precision, manufacturing excellence, and being German. As the adverts tell us all, a BMW is ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. The Mini is also a brand. The Mini brand is built on personality, eccentricity, and being British. BMW cannot just re-badge, re-engineer and re-sell the brand as the ‘BMW Mini’. The very appeal of the Mini brand would be lost.

Nowadays, BMW Group Company is a powerful international company represented all over the world with more than 96,000 employees and over 1 million vehicles sold every year. Importers in 120 countries represent the BMW and worldwide sales organisation comprise...

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...ations in host countries. Some problems that BMW face is going global into the Asian market for example china does not permit BMW to sell its products directly to its public it must go through government organisation for distribution. It also wants BMW to manufacture at least 80% of its parts in China, which is not possible as they don’t have a plant in China. And in India the tariff is too high, which makes it hard for BMW to import painted body into the country. According to India’s regulation BMW is not allowed to import more value than they are exporting.

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how bmw remained victorious in 2004 despite difficult market conditions. the automobile sector reported a 14.4% increase in sales while the financial sector continued to experience strong growth.
  • Explains that bmw is a powerful international company with more than 96,000 employees and over 1 million vehicles sold every year.
  • Explains that the bmw group is one of the world's most innovative companies and shows that germany still leads the global field as a centre of innovation.
  • Explains how bmw promotes their cars through advertising, radio, and the americas cup. the group focuses on the premium segment of the international car markets.
  • Explains that the bmw group stands out as a model of responsible behaviour in creating and safeguarding jobs.
  • Explains that bmw is a successful player in the global automotive industry by utilizing different strategies. they must be careful and comply with different laws and regulations in host countries.
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