Burnam Hall Human Behavior in Fire Case Study

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Building characteristics Burnam Hall is an all-women’s three floor facility that is located in Eastern Kentucky University campus. The building is located in the middle of EKU's campus between Sullivan Hall and Case Annex, just in front of the Daniel Boone statue on University Drive. The primary uses for this building is a residence hall rooms for EKU students to live in during the academic school year. The basement of the building includes a storage for University Housing and the Music Faculty. Also, it has a shared kitchen, a multipurpose area, and a laundry room. According to Emily Ritter (RHC), the building contain about 125 residential rooms that occupies about 250 students. The building provides many services and amenities for its occupants. It is occupied with cable T.V in each room which allow the occupants to bring their own T.Vs and enjoy them in their rooms. Also, the building has four computers that are located in the lobby area of the first floor. The building occupied with one kitchenette and one main laundry room which located in the basement. Alongside with two TV lounges one in the lobby and one in the basement.

Safety equipment The building is equipped with a fire separation system (sprinkler system), a smoke detection system, and a fire alarm system. These systems are capable of being perceived above the ambient noise or light levels by persons in the affected portions of the building. The alarm is distinctive and recognizable as signal to evacuate or to preform action designated under the emergency action plan. Also, fire extinguishers are located in varies places in each floor and well-marked and maintained under the supervision of campus safety crew.
Occupant characteristics The building is occupied with young college students mainly between the ages 17 to 21; as one of EKU's polices that all students under the age of 21 or less than 60

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