Bullying: An Aviodable Harm

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Bullying: An Avoidable Harm
For many years, bullying was seen as a rite of passage but recently it has been seen as a tramatic event that scars a person's life well into adulthood. "Once considered a 'normal' part of growing up, being bullied is now both nationally and internationally recognized as damaging to children. The ideas...are outdates and dangerous"(Tarshis 59).Bullying is causing the same harmful effects all over the world.
Many factors enable a bully to attack a victim. Although some of these factors cannot be controlled, many can be prevented through anti-bullying programs and the actions of counselors, students, parents, and teachers. Bullying is a growing problem today in which students and adults facilitate the behavior. This world-wide predicament causes many negative long-term effects for both the bully and victim.
Bullying has three main components to it. First, the bully has to intimidate or physically hurt a victim. Next, an obvious unbalance of power is seen between the bully and victim. Last, the bully continuously harasses the victim. This harasment can cause a victim to become unengaged in school, have lower test scores, and a loss of friends. It can also lead adolesence to do drugs, get involved in altercations, and even harm with weapons."The United States Secret Service did a study examining the characteristics of students who had initiated school shootings. The results were published in 2002 reporting that being bullied was a factor in 71 percent of school shootings in the
United States" (Tarshis 60). Bullying is still a major cause for school shootings all over the United States.
The most widely recognized form of bullying is physical bullying. Males most often engage in this f...

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... (Viadero 3).One program will not work for every school because each school environment is unique. Instead, different programs should be used depending on the school. When schools offer counseling it shows the students that the school is serious about the bullying problem.
Once considered a part of growing up, bullying is just recently being seen as a serious problem that effects many people. The effects on the mind can be extremely damaging and sometimes unreversible. Most of the time adults are seen as safe havens for victims but adults often help facilitate bully behavior. If schools wish to curve these unacceptablel behaviors, they need to find a anti-bullying program that will effectivly work with their school environment. Overall, when adults and other students do nothing about the situation at hand they are actually encouraging bully behavior.
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