Bulgarian Folk Music

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Excursions into Non-Western Music Bulgarian Folk Music I. Bulgaria is located on the west coast of the Black Sea and in the southeastern corner of Europe. To the north of Bulgaria lies Romania, Greece and Turkey lie to the south and Yugoslavia to the west. In whole, the total size of Bulgaria is roughly equal to the size of Tennessee, making it one of the smaller countries in the world. Being such a small country, Bulgaria has a vast range of topographic features such as plateaus, plains, hills, mountains, basins, gorges, and deep river valleys. The capital of Bulgaria is Sophia, which was named in 1879 after Bulgaria gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. Sophia is located on the western border of Bulgaria and sits on a higher basin. Sophia is a prime trade route between the Aegean Sea and the Danube River, as well as between Turkey and central Europe. Historical tensions have drastically changed Bulgaria’s national borders several times since its first century of existence. Since 1944, Bulgaria has been defined by its natural terrain as borders of the country. In 1991 the country’s borders were disputed. Bulgarians claimed that they should have received a larger portion of Macedonia because of the ethnic connections between the Macedonians and the Bulgarians. However, Yugoslavia and Greece, did not agree to this claim and the borders stayed as they were. Currently, Bulgaria has a border of 1406 miles. Of this, rivers account for 422 miles and the Black Sea claims 248 miles of borders. While on the Black Sea is responsible for the entire eastern border, the western and southern borders are defined predominantly by the ridges and the high terrains. The Romanian border is outlined by the Danube River, which has bluf... ... middle of paper ... ...ia in Transition: Musical Perspectives." Current Anthropology 49.3 (2008): 533-34. Student Research Center. EBSCOhost. Web. 4 Mar. 2011. . Anthropological look at the Bulgarian people Silverman, Carol. "The Politics of Folklore in Bulgaria." Anthropological Quarterly 56.2 (1983): 55-61. Www.jstor.org. JSTOR. Web. 4 Mar. 2011. . Anthropological Bulgaria Whiteley, Sheila. "The Balkans: Local Ethnic Music and Identity." Music, Space and Place Popular Music and Cultural Identity. Aldershot [u.a.: Ashgate, 2009. Print.
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