British History

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The position of the women have been changing through the centuries. At the beginning of the human race they were always considered to be different, with a lower value, than a man. But this was about to change. One great event was about to come to show the society, that woman are being underestimating. The World War I was a global war at the beginning of the 20th century that affected lives of people all around the world. Even in those parts that were not physically touched by cruel battles and remorseless struggles with many losses of life. Men were sent to fight for their nations on the warfronts and their families left at home under constant fear of an insecure future. From this point of view it seems that there was nothing positive in this difficult period. In Britain the situation was similar. Despite all these facts, the war had also a positive outcomes. It was the time that turned over the lives of British women by remarkable changes. Changes that moved the women slowly, but surely little closer to the position that they have today. We will take a look at the transformations and the progresses that World War I brought to women in Britain in the field of working opportunities, we will take a look at the key event for the suffrage and not clearly positive women’s situation within society, but enthusiasm among women themselves. We will see that this period was one of the most radical, but some of the changes were temporary. The first change in the lives of British women was when the war began, and the men had to leave their working positions to go and fight for their nation, it was up to women to replace them. This was the first step of a long journey. For the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century it was typical for wo... ... middle of paper ... ... not even imagine few years ago have been made. The year 1914 can be marked as a revolutionary for the liberalizing of the position of women within the society. But their privileges were limited and would fade away with the end of the war. Because the truth is that most of them would not have to be made. If the war did never happened, women would not have to replace man on their working positions. That is something that came naturally with the war situation. Why did suffrage succeeded after the World War I and not before? It might be because they got finally the right chance to show, that they are strong enough, but the main reason was that on the first place they became very useful for the society not only in the field of domestic service. And finally the World War one transformed women as a human-beings. Their lives turned upside down and never were the same.
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