Breast Implants Persuasive Speech

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Hello. Today I will be talking to you all about silicone textured breast implants. Before I start, I want to mention that there have been about 1,500 known cases of BIA-ALCL, mostly in textured breast implants, around the world. There have been over 35 million people who have had breast augmentation surgeries and therefore there is a small risk of experiencing this type of lymphoma. Although that said, this illness is quite severe and if you or individuals you know are interested in getting breast implants, this is an important factor to be aware of. Hook: Reason for interest in topic (e.g. personal connection, news story, etc. The reason I wanted to learn more about how breast implants negatively impact our bodies is because breast implants are very common in today's day and age. There are many reasons that one would want to get breast implants, which include: unreasonable beauty standards, along with individuals experiencing reconstructive surgery and gender affirmation processes. …show more content…

Many individuals will take on different types of surgeries to change the way they look, increasing breast size is one of them. Many people would want to get breast implants as they feel quite self-conscious about how they look. As well, many people who have gone through a mastectomy, which is essentially the removal of one or both breasts due to cancer or an abundance of medical reasons, would also consider getting breast implants to restore their past silhouette to improve their self-confidence after experiencing such hardships. Lastly, some transgender individuals may want to get breast implants to appear to have more of a feminine chest. It is a way to feel able to fit in better when transitioning that can improve your own body

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