Breast Implants Persuasive Essay

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Infibulation is where a women’s cervix is cut open and there clitorises is removed, and then stitched backed up. It happens because it assures purity until marriage in some cultures. Breast implants is plastic surgery done to women, to make her breasts usually larger, rarely smaller, so it becomes more noticeable. Both different procedures, but having the same purpose: Satisfying a man’s sexual desires. Some argue that, women do this to make themselves boost their self-esteem. Because spending 10,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars on these surgeries is to boost “self-confidence”. Cultural relativist takes a stance on this. Challenging the purpose of these surgeries to see if it’s really necessary for women to go through. Infibulation and breast implant procedures carry the same idea. To physically change a women’s body in order to please the expectations of male dominance. It’s not to make them feel good, but to look more attractive to the male population. After all why doesn’t a male get plastic surgery? Because they don’t need to, its not expected of them. Women on the other hand are being told by mothers, magazines, and media. My sister is a little overweight and my Mom tells her to lose it because apparently if she’s a little chubbier, no one will marry. The whole …show more content…

And it depends on the majority of people in that culture, who performs this task. There are some places it occurs, like the U.S., but culture doesn’t approve of it. And it still continues in hiding, but in small numbers. People continues to do things that culture doesn’t approve of. I have guy friends and hang out with them in hiding because my culture doesn’t approve of it. Infibulation does occur in some parts of Africa, so yes the cultural relativist will be forced to concede because the culture has deemed the procedure to be morally

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