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A surgical procedure which is used to insert cheek implants is known as mammoplasty or mammaplasty. Augmentation mammoplasty refers to a procedure which involves breast enlargement via implants. Enhancement is the best description. Mouth is generally chosen for inserting cheek implants. For more facial definition and improvement, these implants are secured above the cheekbones.
Major changes occur in a women's body especially to the breasts with age, significant weight reduction, childbirth, and breast feeding. Apart from affecting the self-confidence, large breast cause other physical discomforts in the form of neck and back pain. This procedure is useful in reconstituting the breast configuration in women who have undergone Mastectomy to remove breast, mostly due to cancer. The breast formation may either involve implants or tissues from other parts of the body such as back or lower abdomen. Reconstruction of nipple and areola may be done to regain the natural appearance and confidence. The firmness and round contour of the breast can be restored by breast reduction surgery. Often, some women feel the size of their breast is too small. Some people desire for augmentation surgery after breast changes due to pregnancy, while others wish to correct the asymmetry in the size of the breast. In all these cases, it is possible to peerform breast enhancement surgery.

A simple cosmetic surgical procedure, called breast reduction surgery, tends to ensure that you feel comfortable and causes profound positive effect on self-esteem. For producing large breats or correcting their position on the body, breast uplift surgery is often done in assosciation with breast augmentation surgery. In breast enlargement surgery (also referred to as br...

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...d more critical wrinkles. In such conditions, other cosmetic surgical procedures such as a facelift, eyelid lift, laser surfacing, brow lift, or soft tissue filler, may be required. The most appropriate treatment procedure for each individual case can be determined with the help of a dermatologic surgeon.

After the use of deep peeling procedure, patients often feel unwell for several hours. Pain-killers can be used to control moderate to severe pain.

The redness usually subcides in 3 to 4 months while the swelling of the face takes a week to disappear. In the post peeling period, white spots or small raised cysts occur on the face during the initial 6 to 8 weeks and usually lasts for a duration of few days or weeks. The commonest problem associated with deep phenol peels is the permanent hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation problems may often develop in patients.

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