Book vs. Movie: Which One Portrays the Theme the Best?

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With the constant streaming of new movies and television shows available, moviegoers tend to watch them for fun. They see an entertaining movie about conflict that sparks the sense of adventure in them. But do they really grasp what the movie can teach the viewers? With today’s society, the themes are lost in the entertainment purposes. However, books have developed to do what a movie does and so much more. In this way books give life to all people that read them. When a person reads a book they are entranced in the plot line. They have to comprehend and understand in order to finish the book and have it make sense. Movies can just be idly watched without gaining attention or intellect. Due to this, movies do not leave an impression. They dwindle to their closing, and then it is done. People may spend time after the movie ranting or praising the screen writers with their friends, but after a few days it is gone. Books, on the other hand, stay with them. They take longer than just a couple hours to finish and reach the climax. Readers spend more time with these characters then they do with those of a movie, even if they are the same characters doing the same things. From books readers learn the character’s thoughts, actions, reasoning and intentions instead of just their actions and partial reasoning. This develops their personality and morals more clearly so it is easy to relate and criticize them. The characters come to life in the minds of the reader bring a new life to the person. With this new life to connect to, it leads to the better understanding of the themes the book is trying to relay. Themes are the spine and soul of a book. Writing a book that does not teach you anything would be pointless. Even if it is a simple t... ... middle of paper ... ... realistic or right. Part of the picture is missing, at certain points, leaving a feeling that something does not fit. A book gives life and completion to the reader. Nothing is wrong because books have the special quality of being able to create a picture that suits each specific reader. A movie has one picture made by someone else. No personal imagination is in it and never will be able to be. No matter how wonderful or amazing a movie may seem, when compared to the book version, it will always come in second because of all it cannot give to the watchers. Books give life to the written word in a way a movie cannot. It doesn’t matter how you film a movie. A movie cannot capture the essence it is trying to duplicate. It will only fail and leave you disappointed by the ending. If one of these had to disappear, no one would miss movies if books could replace them all.
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