Book Analysis: Killer Angels

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Grace Vacval
Mr. Dittmar
American History
Book Report
October 9 2014
Killer Angels, written by Michael Shaara, takes place in Gettysburg in the year of 1863. Prohibiting slavery in the states that did not yet become states triggered the start of the Civil War. Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay was where the war was triggered by the Confederate Army opening fire on the federal garrison and forced it to surrender. For three long years, Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia delayed attacks by the Union Army of the Potomac. All principal confederate armies surrendered by the spring of 1865.
The main character in the book is General Robert E. Lee. He was the commander of the Confederate Army and was one of the most famous men in the South. He led his army through many victories, and was known for coming up with very good strategies that he shared with his army. General James Longstreet, Lee’s second in command, was aware of the new nature of warfare and understood that military tactics have to change with new technology. Longstreet was Lee’s most important general and tended to be very stubborn at times, but respected General Lee.
On July 1st 1863, the Army of
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It took a whole long process for the Battle of Gettysburg to occur. This contributes to making the book seem a little boring to me. It seemed as if in the middle of the book, it kind of dragged a little bit and caused me to be not be very interested in the book.
The Killer Angels written by Michael Shaara takes place in Gettysburg in 1863 during the months June and July. General Robert E. Lee was the main character in this book and was known to be the most famous men in the South. Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain is the second main character in the book. He is a soldier during the Civil War, and he evaluates everything he sees, and analyzes what he sees around him as

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