Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson

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I chose Chasing Lincolns killer because I remember learning about Lincoln as a kid and always loved learning about him. Since I already learned about how Lincoln died I figured it would be interesting to learn about the killer. I also didn’t find any of the other book that seemed to catch my eye like this book.
The book takes you day by day through John Wilkes Booth escape after killing Abraham Lincoln. Throughout the book Booth seems to get away with a lot. Many people help him throughout his journey of escaping without knowing what he has done.
Booth had got the news that the president would be at the Ford’s theatre. This was great news for john both Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln will be there in the same place. “Booth heard the big news: in just eight hours the man who was the subject of all his hating and plotting would stand on the very stone steps here he now sat. “Booth began to plain his assassination without having to hunt for Lincoln. John had a deep hatred for Lincoln, he had hated the state that our country had been in.
Booth had made his way into the theater and into the box where the president was sitting. He pulled out his pistol and knife. He had shot Lincoln while the theater was roaring with laughter so that no one would see booth. He bullet had hit Lincoln in his brain but didn’t kill him. Booth quickly stabs Lincoln before escaping by jumping out of the box. Booth run onto the stage and yelled “sic semper tyrannis” he also yelled “the south is avenged”. Sic Semper Tyrannis means thus always to tyrants.
While everyone in the theater had be frighten they all tried holding booth as he escaped from the theater. While this had been going on the two man that agreed to help Booth rode up to Sew...

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...d for a gun. The Garret family had no idea as to what criminals they had housed. The Garrets housed both man another night he had john Garrett to fake out the union man. But the commander threatened to set the barn on fire. Herold had given up and told Booth he was done. Booth gave him permission to leave and he did so .Booth wanted his weapons first. Twenty eight man had threatened booth to come out otherwise they would drag him out. Booth wasn’t afraid of dying he was debating kill himself or dying in the fire when the barn is burning. Corbett had walked into the barn to see what booth was doing .he began to feel his life had been threated and had taken a shot that hid booth in the throat he had killed him.
The Whole country had become relieved that Booth was died .No one wanted to Booth to be buried in their Cemetery .His body was given to his family and buried.
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