Black Seeds as Treatment for Leukemia

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The literature review was done to gather the information about leukemia therapy within last five years. The information was extracted via PubMed and James White library by inserting the following key terms: leukemia, treatment of leukemia, leukemia and black seeds, chemotherapy for leukemia, Nigella Sativa, black cumin as anticancer and therapeutic effects of black cumin.

As noted in a review of the retrieved articles, different types of medications were used as treatment for leukemia. Many research studies were conducted in order to find a way to limit the progression of leukemia. Leukemia is a rapid replication of atypical white blood cells (WBCs) that reduces the ability of WBCs to fight the infection (American Society of Hematology). Leukemia is classified into types: myeloid and lymphoid leukemia. Myeloid /lymphoid leukemia has acute and chronic phases. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an increase of myoblasts in peripheral blood or bone marrow (Kantarjian et al., 2010). This study used a comparison method to check the effect of intensive chemotherapy in older patients with AML (Kantarjian et al., 2010). Chemotherapy is a standard treatment for leukemia (Buizer et al., 2009). Older Patients with AML were excluded from the AML therapy trial (Kantarjian et al., 2010). Recently, researchers have focused on the older population with AML who received intensive chemotherapy many years ago (Kantarjian et al., 2010). Patients 65-69 years old and patients with Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) were included in this study (Kantarjian et al., 2010). χ2 test was involved in this research to compare between the variables (Kantarjian et al., 2010). Age was tested as continuous variables (Kantarjian et al., 2010). In addition, mortality rate...

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...s (Alenzi et al., 2010). This article described and answered the research question with adequate information, but one study is not enough to approve the using of black seeds as prophylaxis against the toxicity.

Besides TQ, there are many chemical components in the black seeds that play an effective role against diseases. That opens the door to look deeply inside the NS to investigate the actual effect of each component of that seed. Using the oil form of Nigella Sativa in most of these studies is helpful, but the majority of people prefer the seed form to the oil form. Therefore, it is recommended that future investigations use the seed form of NS in their research.

All the previous studies applied NS in their research. This reflects the medical importance of NS. In conclusion, leukemia patients can be treated by black seed based on the miraculous component TQ.

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